Xavier Rumph is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer with acuity for materiality and craftsmanship. Through a self-curated curriculum, Xavier was dual-enrolled in both Landscape Architecture and Industrial Design courses at RISD, aiding in his flexibility to design at multiple scales. Studying Industrial Design taught him to understand materials and their behaviors on a tactile or “micro” scale, which allows him to design with high precision at a landscape or “macro” scale. This established binary rhetoric results in the ability to devise intelligent strategies to conditions of ecological, urban and sociological matters.

Xavier’s strong fine art background enriches his ability to generate concepts and fuels his passion for theoretical and ideological discourse. Operating as an African American, he brings personal wisdom on economic and racial disadvantages, striving to not only create spaces which promote equality, but also redefine how we categorize “Identity”. Heterogeneity is inevitable, thus a shift in societal perspective is crucial. Physical characteristics, should not out weigh the greater dialectic of purpose, in regards to both the landscape and humanity which comprises it.